Current Project #1

Solar-Powered Wearables & IoT Devices

Power is a ubiquitous technology need across all modern electronic gadgets. Wearable IoT devices require autonomous power for their uninterrupted operation.Conventional batteries demand frequent charging and present a number of problems that make them unsuitable for wearables and similar IoT devices. Fortunately, an alternative exists: we are developing ultra-light weight and highly flexible solar power technologies that can provide unlimited power to wearable devices.

Current Project #2

Additive Manufacturing of Embedded Electronics

In order to design a variety of highly functional, close-packed electronic products, we are developing emerging additive manufacturing process technologies and integration schemes based on relatively simple ink based chemistries. Utilizing this technology, this project aims to introduce innovative consumer products such as low-cost wearable human performance monitors, electronic gloves, sensors, and many more in the market.